Provence Photo Diary

Last week I spent a few days in Provence with my husband (!!!), aunt and uncle. I’ve always wanted to see the lavender fields, and taking a few days off after our Paris wedding to experience the French countryside and relax was just what we needed. I’d highly recommend going to Provence in the last two weeks of July- although its weather dependent, we saw some amazing fields (although quite a few had already been harvested, there were still many that, if you drove around, you could find that were in amazing shape). We stayed in Manosque, mostly because it was inexpensive and still very beautiful, but you could stay anywhere within the area and, with a car, drive around to see all the sights. My biggest recommendation is to go to Rousillion- it was just so incredibly beautiful- and to rent a car so you can drive around and go lavender field hunting. Happy travels!