Mykonos Girls Trip

Girls trip mykonos

Just a few days after I got married, I went on a girls trip to Mykonos. I know, I know. I should have stayed at home with my husband, it being literally three days after our nuptials, but with so many friends in town for the wedding, I couldn’t resist escaping for a few days to spend time with girlfriends. #girlstrip Always a good idea.

Jackie O's beach club in Mykonos

Basically we spent the whole time drinking on the beach, which I’m not sorry about. At all.

drinking in Mykonos

We went to Jackie O’s most days, which I would highly recommend. The beach beds there aren’t expensive, and the evening parties are great.

It is easy to get back to town (we stayed right in the center) by shuttle to catch the sunset.

Town is the cutest.

And of course, so are we.