Staying Fit During Summer Holiday: Corsica

Summer holidays are all about balance- for me, at least.  A week before our small Paris wedding, we took a family holiday with C’s family, to Corsica- they used to spend every summer there as a family, and now that everyone is grown up with spouses and in some cases kids, it seemed like a fun thing to do. I wedged the trip between my Cambodia retreat and a week in Paris prepping for the wedding, so things were a bit hectic, particularly because I still had to work, wanted to stay fit for my wedding dress (and for the holidays I had planned after) and had coursework for the MBA to catch up on. I get a lot of questions about how I can afford travel so much, often followed by how I can manage it with a normal schedule. Here’s how: I work late. It is 10:30pm and I’m writing this blog, for instance. I just finished a yoga class and then did three modules for the MBA. If I take time off to have fun, it has to be made up somewhere. #workhardplayhard, as they say. Luckily, I worked a lot so that I could play a lot- and I combined the two, as well.

Morning Runs: I took early mornings, while it was still cool outside, to go for long runs through the countryside. It was a great way to see some of the local scenery, which is rugged and breathtaking. Just make sure you pay attention to the cars, which drive insanely.

Yoga in the yard or room: I spent evenings doing yoga to wind down. I use YogaGlo for class videos while I travel.

Eating light and healthy: If I didn’t travel so much, I’d indulge on holiday, but since I do, I tend to eat light and healthy on most trips. I stick with salads, fruits and water, but I did often go for local wines for an aperitif and at dinnertime.

Wine tasting: when in Rome, as they say! We went to Domaine Alessandro Rossi for a wine tasting and would recommend to all. Although this isn’t that healthy, we walked about two miles to and from the vineyard, and took a tour through the grounds and production facilities, which are small and family owned, to understand how the wine is produced and made. After that, we were treated to very generous pours and good conversation with the owner, and tried several types of local red, white, rose and sweet wine. This was my indulgent treat of the trip- and it wasn’t expensive.

Swim and hike: what better thing to do on an island than swim and hike, two activities that are a must. We swam pretty much daily in the pool and at various beaches (my favorite was Lotu) and hiked to Saleccia (which turned out to be extremely windy- but a beautiful hike nonetheless). Finding these little activities that combine sightseeing with activity is a good way to stay active while on holiday.

What activities do you enjoy while you’re away?